Postpartum Anxiety Counseling

About The Service

What is postpartum anxiety?

Postpartum anxiety is when a person experiences severe anxiety following childbirth or becoming a parent. For many women, chemical changes in the body like the abrupt decrease in estrogen and progesterone can lead to a greater sensitivity to stress. This can cause a sense of fear or being overwhelmed and panicky. Many times, these anxious feelings are often out of control and take over your thoughts and well-being.

Recognizing the signs

Are you feeling exhausted from smiling and saying “I am ok” when really you are freaking out on the inside? Sometimes recognizing the signs of postpartum anxiety can be difficult. Here are some common challenges and thoughts often associated with postpartum anxiety:

  • Feeling lonely and disconnected from others.
  • Bottling up resentment for your partner.
  • Sleepless nights.
  • Feeling misunderstood by your partner.
  • Questioning your own identity and feeling like you have lost yourself.
  • Feeling out of control and panicky.
  • Feeling frustrated with your children and new baby.
  • Asking yourself if you will ever be able to “get it together”.

Finding the help you need

It may seem impossible now, but you can feel peace and balance in the here and now. Even in the fast-paced life of a family. You can find fulfillment and prioritization in your life. You can connect with your partner in this adjustment into parenthood. You speak your truth and stand firm to your wants and needs while also being the mom that you need to be. You can learn how to cope with the pressures of the modern-day mom and find relief from stress and worry.

Together we will work on 4 pillars of wellness in motherhood. Develop skills for self-advocacy within motherhood by learning effective communication skills and setting healthy boundaries. Explore the unhealthy thinking patterns that you are stuck in and learn how to restructure them. Learn how to prioritize while also gaining skills to be more mindful and present with your family and yourself. Learn the importance of recognizing what emotions you are feeling and allowing such a natural process to simply be.

I will help you through this entire process, tailoring each step to your specific mom life circumstances and needs. My approach to therapy comes from a place of believing that you are doing the very best that you can with what you have been given. I want to give you more though and help you build on the resilience and power that you have within you. I want to help you not only survive this life of motherhood but truly thrive in it.

It's time to feel confident in motherhood.

Common Questions

What do postpartum anxiety counseling sessions like?

Therapy is a unique and a vulnerable process for a lot of people. I understand that it is a tough step to reach out for help. With that in mind I am going to make this as comfortable of a process that I can. In our first session we will get to know one another and explore the challenges that you have been facing. We will also begin to discuss what skills you have been using so far and what has been helpful in coping with anxiety with your baby and family. In therapy we will spend time talking about how you think about life in general as well as how you think about stress and anxiety provoking events. We will take a look at what type of thinking patterns you have going on and then look at ways to restructure these thoughts so that they are not causing as much stress. We will discuss your routines and prioritization in your life and learn ways to advocate for yourself and communicate clearly to those around you. Taking a look at the body is a huge piece of treating anxiety as well. We will work on skills to help you calm and relax your body to be more present and to be able to tackle panic symptoms better.

Can I bring my baby?

Absolutely!! If you are unable to find childcare bring that little bundle along. If we need to stop for a diaper change or to feed the baby that is ok! That is life with a new baby. If it would be more beneficial for you to leave the baby at home with your partner or with a family member that is fine too. Whichever makes you feel the most comfortable.

How long do I need to be in therapy and how often?

When folks first begin therapy I usually recommend once every 1-2 weeks based on the severity of the challenges that they are experiencing. I like to think of this process as similar to physical therapy; you are going to get more out of it and be able to work those muscles better the more often you come to therapy. With that said, however, I know the life of a mom is busy. We will work with your schedule however we need to. If you are not able to come weekly we will explore what is going to work the best for you. As far as the length of time that you are in therapy; that will depend on the progress that you make in therapy and how you feel you are doing. Some folks end therapy within three months and come back every now and then for a “tune-up”. Others need longer to work on building the skills efficiently and effectively for long-term success.

How long do I need to be in therapy and how often?

First of all you go mama! Click the button below and send me your info and schedule a free 15 minute phone call. In this phone call we will explore briefly what challenges and circumstances you are experiencing. I will answer any questions that you have about the therapy process, cost, insurance, availability, and any other logistical questions you might have. We will then find a time that works for your schedule to come on in and get started with your first session.